Food Waste Reduction and Recovery - Community

Contact: Aaron Hiday,, 517-282-7546

There are many community organizations that can play a big role in preventing food waste; these are programs like schools, universities, governments, non-profit food distributionEPA Food Recovery Hierarchy agencies, and faith-based organizations.

They also have the unique ability to educate people on the importance of food conservation and donations.

How you can as a community help

Source Reduction

  • Reducing food waste in a soup/commercial kitchen
  • Food Co-ops
  • Community supported agriculture

Feed Hungry People

  • Donate food after community gatherings
  • Organize a food drive

Feed Animals

  • Organize a food scrap drop off location

Industrial Uses

  • Food Collection from community to go to Anaerobic Digestors


  • Community Garden

Additional Resources

Food Waste Reduction in K-12 and Universities


Non-Profit and Faith Based Organizations