Making Your Tires Last Longer and Tire Disposal Options

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Making Your Tires Last Longer:

Check Your Tire Pressure
Extending the Life of Your Tires

Tire Disposal Options:

Whole scrap tires have been banned from Michigan landfills since 2004.  You can dispose of your used tires by taking them to any registered collection site, taking them back to most tire retailers, or by taking them to one of the tire recyclers listed below:

Tire Recyclers in Michigan
Registered Scrap Tire Collection Sites
Tire Recycling Poster

Tire Disposal Fee:

Fees to dispose of tires vary by location.  The national average is approximately $1 per passenger car tire.  You may want to contact a collection site, processor or tire retailer to inquire about the disposal fee before you bring in your tires. 

This fee paid to dispose of scrap tires is not set by the state, and does not come back to the state.  The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Scrap Tire Program is funded by a $1.50 vehicle title certificate fee collected by the Secretary of State.

Some counties, cities and townships offer tire drop-off locations periodically throughout the year.  You can check with your local unit of government to find out if this service is offered.

Transporting Tires:

Michigan law allows a person to legally transport up to 10 of their OWN tires.  If you are transporting more than 10 tires, or you are transporting tires that did not originate from your household, you must either register as a scrap tire hauler or hire a registered scrap tire hauler.  There is no fee to register as a scrap tire hauler, but haulers must provide a bond to be registered.  You can get more information about scrap tire hauler registrations by clicking the link below.

Register as a Scrap Tire Hauler
List of Registered Scrap Tire Haulers