Michigan Recycling Initiatives

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    Michigan has a statewide goal of tripling its current recycling rate from 15 percent to 45 percent. 

    To achieve this goal, five priority initiatives have been established: revising Part 115 solid waste laws, launching the Re:Source Market Development initiative, having state office buildings leading by example in recycling, developing a statewide Education and Engagement Campaign, and obtaining funding for recycling and solid waste management.

    While the Department has received other additional recommendations to increase recycling in Michigan, these five priorities will be focused on first in order to best further our state in meeting its recycling and materials management goals.

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Solid Waste Laws Revision

  • Solid Waste Laws Revision IconThe Governor’s Recycling Council and Solid Waste and Sustainability Advisory Panel developed recommendations to increase the recycling rate and update Michigan’s solid waste laws. The current laws are relatively silent on promoting materials management options other than disposal. The recommended changes shift the focus to seeing solid waste as a resource that promotes economic vitality, ecological integrity, and improved quality of life by ensuring recycling access for all Michigan citizens, revitalizing the materials management planning process, creating a level playing field for materials management facilities, and more. These recommendations also promote Michigan’s goal of tripling the recycling rate.

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