Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing Certification

The Part 14 Rules were updated in 2015 to improve public health protection through strengthening the State of Michigan’s cross connection requirements.  Among the rule revisions is a change in Rule 1405 Backflow preventers; tester qualifications and corrections

Starting January 1, 2018, backflow assembly testing results on public water systems will only be valid if performed by a tester certified in accordance to ASSE Standard 5110 and listed as such at  The changes are aimed at improving the quality of testing and standardizing certification and renewal requirements.  To acquire the new certification, an individual must have sufficient relevant experience to qualify for the required 40-hour course.  Following the course, the individual must pass an exam by demonstrating proficiency in testing.  To keep an ASSE 5110 certification active, testers must obtain continuing education and renew their certificate every three years. 

What does this mean to community water supplies? 

It means that after January 1, 2018, only backflow prevention assembly test forms performed and signed by an ASSE 5110 certified tester may be accepted by public water system personnel.  Water system operators are encouraged to communicate these changes to local testers to ensure tester availability.  Water purveyors are also reminded that repairs of any backflow preventers still must be completed by a licensed plumber.