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Value of Water Education Campaign and Toolkit:  The Value of Water Coalition has launched a new education campaign and toolkit entitled, "What's the Value of Water?"  The campaign aims to shine a light on water -- our most precious, but often invisible, resource. These education materials are available for free to any organization that is working to raise awareness about the importance of investment in water infrastructure and water resources.  The toolkit includes: billboards; outdoor advertisements; print advertisements; bill stuffers; conference banners; a water fact sheet and message guide; and shareable social media graphics.  To view and download the materials, visit the Value of Water Coalition Web site.  Note:  Please review usage guidelines before publishing any materials.

Communicating the Value of Drinking Water Services: Using Campaigns and Community Engagement Efforts The “Tap Talks on Tuesdays” webinars in 2014 discussed the value of water. The collaborative dialogue shared strategies that effectively communicate the importance of clean and safe water delivery services. This document gives a snapshot of different outreach campaigns, community events, and other activities used to raise public awareness on the value of water services.

When Every Drop Counts: Protecting Public Health During Drought Conditions - A Guide for Public Health Professionals
CDC's National Center for Environmental Health developed this publication to assist public health officials, practitioners, and other stakeholders in their efforts to understand and prepare for drought in their communities. The document includes information about how drought affects public health, recommends steps to help mitigate the health effects of drought, identifies future needs for research and other drought-related activities, and provides a list of helpful resources and tools.

Virtual Tour of A Drinking Water Plant This is "Water 101" training for decision makers and students.  The Tour begins with source water, works its way through filtration and disinfection, and concludes with the distribution system. Includes additional information about quality and safety, cost, environment, a glossary of terms, exercises to test knowledge, and fun facts:  3500 years ago, King Tut drank water that had been “processed” with alum to coagulate the suspended sediments in the Nile,  in 400 BC, Hippocrates, the Greek “father of medicine,” called for water to be boiled and strained through a cloth before serving.  For the CD, call 800-490-9198 and request EPA publication number 816-C-06-002 or visit to order the publication.