Water Management

  • Water ManagementWater Management

    Activities that may have potential impacts to the public trust, riparian rights, or may impair or destroy the waters or other natural resources of the state, including inland lakes and streams, the Great Lakes, wetlands, and groundwater, are regulated by EGLE. Information on EGLE's permit processes and water resource related databases and digital maps is provided.

Administration and regulation of the rules and laws pertaining to the ownership and maintenance of Dams. Several resources are available here to help owners of dams and consultants who inspect and provide maintenance. Details regarding operations, laws and rules and finding a consultant that understands the engineering principles behind the construction, maintenance and inspection of dams.
Information pertinent to the laws and rules of floodplain management and related links to State and Federal agencies.
The pumping of high-capacity water wells can disrupt the normal operation of nearby residential wells. EGLE and MDARD can help to mediate a resolution process for the residential well owner.
Several on-line resources for determining low flow and flood flow discharges as well as reports, miscellaneous discharge measurements and related links to State and Federal agencies are provided.
Information on laws and rules that must be addressed by the developer to obtain a construction permit when developing a subdivision.
Laws and rules that must be addressed by Public Transportation Agencies when working in or near an inland lake, stream, wetland, or floodplain. Details on permit guidelines and contact information are provided.
The Water Use Advisory Council provides a public forum for stakeholders to study and make recommendations to EGLE, MDARD and the DNR pertaining to water resource management.
The Water Use Program administers water withdrawal regulations including registration and permitting of large quantity withdrawals, annual water use reporting, and water conservation.