Request a Flood or Low Flow Discharge Form

Authorized by PA 451 of 1994. Completion of this form is voluntary. 


  • Please e-mail any additional information, including map attachments, to with "Discharge Request" in the subject line.  Our e-mail attachment size limit is 25 MB.  If you are unable to send a map electronically, please contact Susi Greiner at or 517-284-5579.
  • E-mail that does not contain "Discharge Request" in the subject line will be deleted automatically.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.  If you do not receive it, please contact Susi Greiner at or 517-284-5579.  You must click the Submit button at the end of the form to send the request to us and get a confirmation e-mail. 

Please fill-in this form to request a flood or low flow discharge. Note that a site location map is required.

If you have questions about requesting a flood discharge, please contact Susi Greiner at or 517-284-5579. If you have questions about requesting a low flow discharge, please contact Marlio Lesmez at or 517-284-5580.


  • Use the Tab key or the mouse to move between fields. Hitting the Enter key will immediately send the form.
  • You should see a Confirmation page after you submit the form confirming your request.
  • Low flow discharges are typically only needed if you are applying for an NPDES permit, a mixing zone determination, or a dam impoundment drawdown. If this is the case, please indicate your EGLE program contact person.

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Flood Discharge Requests: 

Please indicate the frequency of the discharge(s) that you need.
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2%:          1%:          0.5%:          0.2%:  

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Low Flow Discharge Requests: 

Please indicate the frequency of the discharge(s) that you need.                  

Monthly 95%:  

Monthly 50%:  

Monthly Mean:  

90 Day, Q10:  

Lowest 95%:  

Lowest 50%:  

Harmonic Mean:  

Flow Exceedance Curve:  

EGLE Program Request is for:      
EGLE Program Contact Person:    

Water Body Information: 

*Watercourse Name:  
Name as it appears on the USGS Quadrangle map (if known); e.g. Smith Creek or Unnamed tributary to Smith Creek

Local Name:  
Indicate if this watercourse is known locally by another name

Location Information:












  • State Roads: provide highway number (for example M-6, I-96, etc.)
  • Roads: provide road name
  • Dams: provide dam name and ID number
  • Other locations: provide precise description (for example 1000 feet upstream of 8 Mile Road, in the SW 1/4 of Section 4.)


Please remember to provide a site location map. This should be a photocopy of the USGS quadrangle map or a county map with the site clearly marked. If you are submitting several discharge requests at the same time that use the same map, please only supply the map once.

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EQP 4511 (Rev. 09/19)