Request a Flood or Low Flow Discharge Form

Authorized by PA 451 of 1994. Completion of this form is voluntary. 


  • Please e-mail any additional information, including map attachments, to with "Discharge Request" in the subject line.  Our e-mail attachment size limit is 25 MB.  If you are unable to send a map electronically, please contact Susi Greiner at or 517-284-5579.
  • E-mail that does not contain "Discharge Request" in the subject line will be deleted automatically.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.  If you do not receive it, please contact Susi Greiner at or 517-284-5579.  You must click the Submit button at the end of the form to send the request to us and get a confirmation e-mail. 

Please fill-in this form to request a flood or low flow discharge. Note that a site location map is required.

If you have questions about requesting a flood discharge, please contact Susi Greiner at or 517-284-5579. If you have questions about requesting a low flow discharge, please contact Marlio Lesmez at or 517-284-5580.


  • Use the Tab key or the mouse to move between fields. Hitting the Enter key will immediately send the form.
  • You should see a Confirmation page after you submit the form confirming your request.
  • Low flow discharges are typically only needed if you are applying for an NPDES permit, a mixing zone determination, or a dam impoundment drawdown. If this is the case, please indicate your EGLE program contact person.

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Flood Discharge Requests: 

Please indicate the frequency of the discharge(s) that you need.
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2%:          1%:          0.5%:          0.2%:  

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Low Flow Discharge Requests: 

Please indicate the frequency of the discharge(s) that you need.                  

Monthly 95%:  

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Monthly Mean:  

90 Day, Q10:  

Lowest 95%:  

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Harmonic Mean:  

Flow Exceedance Curve:  

EGLE Program Request is for:      
EGLE Program Contact Person:    

Water Body Information: 

*Watercourse Name:  
Name as it appears on the USGS Quadrangle map (if known); e.g. Smith Creek or Unnamed tributary to Smith Creek

Local Name:  
Indicate if this watercourse is known locally by another name

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  • State Roads: provide highway number (for example M-6, I-96, etc.)
  • Roads: provide road name
  • Dams: provide dam name and ID number
  • Other locations: provide precise description (for example 1000 feet upstream of 8 Mile Road, in the SW 1/4 of Section 4.)


Please remember to provide a site location map. This should be a screenshot of the portion of the USGS quadrangle map or a county map showing the vicinity of the request location with the site clearly marked with an x or a dot. Please do not send the whole USGS quadrangle map. If you are submitting several discharge requests at the same time that use the same map, please only supply the map once.

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EQP 4511 (Rev. 03/12/2020)