Conceptual Site Model

EGLE's Order entered with Enbridge Energy requires that Enbridge develop a Conceptual Site Model to be used to support decision-making processes for continued evaluation, remediation, and restoration of the Spill Area as Enbridge works to achieve long-term compliance with Michigan's environmental laws.  Since the release, a tremendous amount of information has been collected about the affected area.  The Conceptual Site Model (or "CSM") attempts to fit known information together in an organized fashion in order to identify data gaps and additional areas of study or concern.

EGLE approved the April 25, 2013 CSM on August 1, 2013.  Citizens with questions or concerns related to the CSM may contact Chris Lantinga at or 269 548-7182.

Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership
Line 6B Incident, Marshall, Michigan
Conceptual Site Model - 2016 (10 MB)


Enbridge CSM cover