Wetland Publications

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The resources listed below can help interested parties better understand wetlands including the benefits of wetlands, basic techniques and options for wetland management, the economic benefits of wetland protection methods, and where to go for assistance.

Michigan Wetlands: Yours to Protect 

Citizens have an important role to play in wetland management, protection, and restoration in Michigan. This document, originally published in the late eighties (first edition) then in 1992 (second edition), is a comprehensive resource for citizens working to protect wetlands in their neighborhood and provides solid information to help citizens become involved in state and federal wetland policy.

Living with Michigan Wetlands: A Landowners Guide 

In addition to using their land as a place to live or work, many landowners enjoy the natural resource values of their property and participate in voluntary land and water conservation and management.   The purpose of this guidebook is to help landowners understand the benefits of wetlands, the basic techniques and options for wetland management, current wetland regulations and who to contact for assistance.