2014 greenUp

Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

November 12, 2014 

Green chemistry and engineering is revolutionizing the way we work and live, by employing less toxic materials and processes in the manufacture and design of the products we use every day while protecting human health and the environment. New regulations and consumer demand are pushing green chemistry and engineering principles to create new markets, reduce costs, increase safety, and gain a competitive edge.

This year’s GreenUp Conference was held on the campus at Michigan State University at the Kellogg Center and featured the following presentations:

Opening Remarks: Deanna Cullen, Whitehall High School

Morning Keyn0te: Bruce Dale, Michigan State University

Panel: Cultivating Green Chemistry Innovations – Panelists: Robert Weins, Insight Advisors; Andrew McColm, Michigan State University; James Bleyer, Valicor


I.  Applications in the Automotive Industry

A Total Systems Perspective to Green Chemistry - John Bradburn, General Motors
Ford Sustainability: Successes and Challenges - Carrie Majeske, Ford Motor Company

II.  Green Chemistry in Higher Education

Green Chemistry Commitment Panel - Kristina Mack, Grand Valley State University
Toxicology in Chemistry Education - Dalila Kovacs, Grand Valley State University and Clinton Boyd, Steelcase

III.  The Bioeconomy in Michigan

Bio Manufacturing Products with Michigan Feedstock – A Dawning Reality - Kevin M. Karpinski, BioCycle

Lunch Keynote: Eric Beckman, George M. Bevier Professor of Engineering and Co-Director, Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation, University of Pittsburgh


 I.  Green Chemistry Industrial Innovation

Leveraging Non-Competitive Partnerships for a Competitive Advantage -Philip G. Sliva and James S. Pell, Amway; Mike Fryan, BISSELL Homecare
Impacts of Noncompetitive Collaborations Through Industrial Roundtables - Julie Manley, Guiding Green; Panel Q&A with Philip G. Sliva and James S. Pell, Amway; Mike Fryan, BISSELL Homecare Inc.

II.  Incorporating Toxics Reduction and Green Chemistry into K-12 Education

Teaching Toxics Use Reduction Chemistry through Green Chemistry - Maru Colbert, Science Nation Project School
Project-based Learning and Green Chemistry - Kathe Blue Hetter, Skyline High School

III. Cutting Edge Research

Radiation Curable Coatings and Water-based Automotive Trim Adhesives from Soybean oil and its derivatives - Senthilkumar Rengasamy, Diversified Chemical Technologies, Inc.
Novel Methods for Catalyst Functionalization of Semiconductors - Shawn Eady, University of Michigan

IV.  New Product Development

ReHealing Foam, A Renewable Solution - Steve Hansen, The Solberg Company

V.  Green Chemistry on Campus

Greening the Spartan Green &White - Ramani Narayan, Laurie Thorpe, Abdullah Mohammed, and Stephen Plont, Michigan State University




This year's conference strove to be ZERO WASTE. All food waste collected from the conference was shipped to the Anaerobic Digester located just 4 miles away on South Campus where it was converted to energy. MSU faculty, staff and students discussed this initiative in a breakout session and with student posters.