Sustainability P2 Projects 2011

Communities and neighborhoods can improve infrastructure and operations and enable sustainable practices through land use plans, zoning and building codes, solid waste and water management programs, energy reduction programs, and through policies dealing with roads and public transportation. Communities and neighborhoods can lead, educate, and demonstrate the savings from waste reduction and energy efficiency, thereby encouraging businesses, institutions, and individuals to live more sustainably.

The purpose of these grants is to increase cooperation between business, citizens, and local governments, and to foster the development of local models and approaches that drive pollution prevention and sustainable initiatives at the community level.

The applicants receiving funding are as follows:

  • City of Ann Arbor; $50,000
  • Muskegon County; $50,000
  • Oakland County; $50,000
  • West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum; $49,960



City of Ann Arbor, Michigan Green Communities, Final Report
Muskegon County, Sustainability Office, Website
Oakland County, Woodward 5 Sustainability Partnership, Website
West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum, Tools and Resources Initiative, Website