Pharmaceutical Collection P2 Projects 2012-13

Evidence of pharmaceutical waste has been detected in groundwater and drinking water in the Great Lakes region. The technologies and equipment required to remove these compounds from drinking and waste water are expensive and are currently not widely deployed by communities. Successful drug collection programs will prevent pharmaceutical waste from being released into and accumulating in the environment and reduce the incidence of abuse of prescription drugs.

The purpose of these grants is to increase public access to free, convenient, safe and environmentally optimal drug collection programs, and to foster the development of successful models and approaches that can be implemented in other areas of the state.

2013 Awards

  • Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority $30,370.37
  • Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority of Southwest Oakland County (RRRASOC) $6,005.00
  • Superior Watershed Partnership $96,845.18
  • Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council $99,795.67

2013 Project Results

2012 Awards

  • Crawford County Commission on Aging $7,959.60
  • Great Lakes Clean Water Organization (GLCWO) $77,125.00
  • Ingham County Health Department $50,000.00
  • Kent County Department of Public Works $63,883.50
  • Macomb County Health Department $49,400.00

2012 Project Results