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Ready to take the next step in composting? Try composting with earthworms

Earthworms for composting in person's hands.

Composting with earthworms can be done indoors (or outdoors) with little space needed. And once the system is set up, it requires little work.

To get started with vermicomposting, you'll need a container, bedding for the worms, and, of course, earthworms. Products are available for purchase online. Just use any search engine and look for vermicomposting kits or bins. There are also many creative DIY vermicomposting projects that can be found online.

Once you have the vermicomposting supplies properly set up, add kitchen scraps such as coffee grounds, vegetables and fruit peels for the worms to start the composting process. Avoid adding citrus fruits, meat, dairy, and fatty foods.

"Composting with worms is ideal for those that wish to recycle some of their kitchen scraps, but don't have the space for regular composting," says Aaron Hiday, the composting expert at the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. "They're also a great tool for teaching children about recycling, food chains, where soil comes from, and of course about WORMS!"

For more information on vermicomposting, check out this helpful guide for beginners.

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