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Frequently Asked Questions

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Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Michigan Green Schools is dedicated to assisting all Michigan schools public and private achieve environmental goals that include protecting the air, land, water and animals of our state along with world outreach through good ecological practices and the teaching of educational stewardship of students pre-kindergarten through high school. 

Below are some of our frequently asked questions.  If you don't see an answer to your question please contact Chrissie Pearce


  • A. All applications are due on March 1, 2022. Submit applications no earlier than January 2022.

  • A.  You will find the activities of the original 20 points will fit nicely into the new application for the revised 2010 Green School Bill.

  • A.  Ten points with at least two points from each of the four activity categories are required to gain official Michigan Green School status.

  • A. Yes. Schools achieving 15 points in a school year become an Emerald School and the highest award for 20 points is the Evergreen Award.

  • A. Yes. All county coordinators and Michigan Green Schools who have obtained official Green School status may use the copyrighted logo in their yearbooks, website, and other school materials. All other use is prohibited by federal law. 

  • A. If this is your situation, send your application by the due date to:

    Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy
    Michigan Green Schools 
    Attention: Chrissie Pearce
    PO Box 30457
    Lansing, Michigan 48909

  • A.  The school coordinator should do this. Pictures are always good to include. We may post on the website.

  • A. Your principal should sign and date your application  Please always include your address.