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Drinking Water Asset Management (DWAM)

The DWAM Grant program is a financial assistance program developed by EGLE. The program provides grant funding to assist drinking water supplies with asset management plan development and updates, and/or distribution system materials inventories as defined in Michigan's revised Lead and Copper Rule. $36.5 million in funding was initially available under the MI Clean Water Plan umbrella, with a maximum grant award per applicant of $1 million.

Applications were accepted beginning October 15, 2020. EGLE received applications totaling well over the amount of funds available. Applications were prioritized based on scoring criteria outlined in the application and guidance materials. The application period is closed.

Under the passage of Public Act (PA) 53 of 2022, American Rescue Plan (ARP), $20 million was allocated to the DWAM program. From the ARP monies, $5 million must be awarded to systems serving a population of not more than 10,000. New applications are not being accepted as EGLE has continued utilizing the existing DWAM priority list.

As of February 23, 2023, all $36.5 million originally available under the MI Clean Water Plan has been awarded. Of the additional funds allocated from ARP, about $13.4 million has been awarded, and roughly $10 million of that has gone to systems that serve a population less than 10,000. Several projects are “in progress,” denoted by an asterisk on the below Project Priority List, which means we have been in communication with the community to finalize budgets prior to issuing the grant award.

Final DWAM Priority List

DWAM Grant Overview


Leanne Hardisty