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Other Electronic Waste Management Resources

This list is provided to help you find more information about recycling electronic waste.  The sites are neither endorsed nor supported by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy.

  • Desktop Computer Displays: A Life-Cycle Assessment. This 2001 report was sponsored by the US EPA and published by the University of Tennessee Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies. Included in the study is a detailed look at three components of cathode ray tubes and laptop computers: lead, mercury and liquid crystals.
  • Electronic Industries Alliance. "The Electronic Industries Alliance is a federation of Associations and Sectors operating in the most competitive yet innovative industry in existence. They are the critical players in their industries. Each has their own members, their own mission, their own autonomy. United under EIA, they form the premier high technology organization in the world."
  • is the result of stakeholders involved in a dialogue surrounding the recycling of thermoplastics in electronic equipment. These stakeholders come from the Gordon Institute of Tufts University.
  • Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC). The FEC is a new voluntary partnership program that encourages federal facilities and agencies to: Purchase greener electronic products. Reduce impacts of electronic products during use. Manage obsolete electronics in an environmentally safe way. This site contains useful tools for any large organization or government to use to make their use of electronics (computers, cell phones, etc.) more environmentally friendly.
  • Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics.  This guide, "ranks leading mobile and PC manufacturers on their global policies and practice on eliminating harmful chemicals and on taking responsibility for their products once they are discarded by consumers."
  • International Association of Electronics Recyclers. This trade association offers many member benefits as well as providing a searchable on-line database for finding electronic recyclers, manufacturers and other companies related to the electronics industry.