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Scrap Tire Registration Information

EGLE is excited to announce that Scrap Tire Program is switching to online reporting for Scrap Tire Hauler, Scrap Tire Collection Sites, and Scrap Tire End Users.  Registrations and Annual Reporting for 2022 and future years will be completed through an online reporting platform.


IF YOU HAD AN ACCOUNT LAST YEAR, YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-JOIN.  You can log in with your password at: Re-TRAC Connect.  

Guide to joining ReTrac

As we transition to this new online reporting platform, EGLE is working to make this a smooth transition. EGLE has created accounts for all currently registered facilities, e-mails have been sent to these facilities to give them their accounts. If you did not receive an e-mail, but believe that you should be included in this program please follow these instructions:


  1. Create a Re-TRAC account
    • Visit and enter your e-mail address that will be used as your login. It is recommended to use a generic organizational email address that multiple staff can access, if possible. Fill out the prompts to create your account.
  2. Login to Re-TRAC Connect
    • Once you have an account, login to Re-TRAC Connect using your e-mail and password.
  3. Find the EGLE Program you want to join
    • Click "Find Programs" at the top left-hand side of the page
  4. Search for your Program
    • Search "Scrap Tire Authorization Program" and select "Join Program"



Scrap Tire Hauler Registration Cover Memo 

Hauler Financial Assurance - BONDS

Financial Assurance: 

A Motor Carrier license is also required by the Michigan Department of State Police: 517-284-8110 for the intrastate for-hire trucking industry hauling of scrap tires. Information on motor carrier licensing can be also found at the Michigan Department of State Police.



Scrap Tire Collection Site Registration Cover Memo

Collection Site Fee Payment: 

  • Preferred Method - Pay Online using the PayPlace; or
  • Complete Payment Form (Word Document) and submit to the Cashier's Office

Collection Site Financial Assurance (BONDS): 

Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Authority (LARA) Corporation Look-up website



Kirsten Clemens

Scrap Tire Program Staff Contacts