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Air Quality Division Delegations

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has delegated certain federal standards to the Air Quality Division (AQD). For those standards, the AQD is the agency of receipt for notifications, reports, and other compliance related requirements. The USEPA does not delegate certain responsibilities to states, such as major testing changes.


Robert Irvine, Air Quality Division

For facility-specific questions, please contact your district office or inspector.

Area Source MACT Delegations

Michigan has received full delegation of certain MACT standards. Sources that are subject to these standards must report information to the appropriate AQD District Office and, if indicated in the standard, to the USEPA. Information on required source reporting can be found on the AQD Renewable Operating Permit (ROP) web page. Sources that are subject to some of these standards are subject to an annual facility charge as described in the AQD Fee Calculation web page.

Below is a chart of the current area source MACT standards delegated to Michigan including information on fee applicability.


Area Source MACT Short Title 40 CFR
Part 63
AQD Rule AQD Fee
Aluminum, Copper, and Other Nonferrous Foundries ZZZZZZ 5/6/2014 R 336.1950 F
Carbon Black Production MMMMMM 7/9/2015 R 336.1957 None
Chemical Manufacturing VVVVVV 7/9/2015 R 336.1960 F
Chemical Manufacturing: Chromium Compounds NNNNNN 7/9/2015 R 336.1958 None
Dry Cleaning Facilities M 1/22/1999 R 336.1619 F
Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking Facilities YYYYY 5/6/2014 R 336.1948 None
Glass Manufacturing SSSSSS 7/19/2019 R 336.1959 None
Halogenated Solvent Cleaning T 1/22/1999 R 336.1651 F
Hard and Decorative Chromium Electroplating and Anodizing Tanks N 7/9/2015 R 336.1941 F
Hazardous Waste Combustors EEE 7/9/2015 R 336.1952 None
Iron and Steel Foundries ZZZZZ 5/6/2014 R 336.1949 F
Mercury Cell Chlor-Alkali Plants IIIII 7/9/2015 R 336.1953 None
Portland Cement Manufacturing LLL 7/9/2015 R 336.1944 None
Primary Copper Smelting EEEEEE 7/9/2015 R 336.1954 None
Primary Nonferrous Metals GGGGGG 7/9/2015 R 336.1956 F
Publicly Owned Treatment Works VVV 5/6/2014 R 336.1945 None
Secondary Aluminum Production RRR 5/6/2014 R 336.1946 F
Secondary Copper Smelting FFFFFF 7/9/2015 R 336.1955 None
Secondary Lead Smelting X 7/9/2015 R 336.1951 None
Sterilization Facilities O 5/6/2014 R 336.1940 F
Site Remediation GGGGG 5/6/2014 R 336.1947 None