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Environmental Management System Guidance Manual (July 2007)

The "Environmental Management Guidance Manual" was designed to assist small and medium sized businesses and other organizations in developing and implementing an environmental management system (EMS). An EMS is a systematic, dynamic program which incorporates environmental responsibilities and management into the day-to-day operations at a facility.

This "plain English" manual is designed in a workbook style taking an organization step-by-step through an easy-to-follow process of developing and implementing an EMS. The manual contains a number of EMS documents and records along with blank forms and tables for your use. It is based, in part, on the Clean Corporate Citizen (C3) program requirements for EMS and the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 14001 EMS standard.

This web site contains a complete version of the guidance manual and allows you to down load it by chapter. A number of tables and forms are available in a Word format and are listed by number for each respective chapter.

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1:  Environmental Policy Development 
   Form 1.1 -  EMS Management Commitment
   Form 1.2 -  EMS Project Team
   Form 1.3 -  EMS Environmental Policy

Chapter 2:  Environmental Program Development
   Form 2.1 -  EMS Environmental, Legal and Other Requirements
   Form 2.2 -  EMS Identification of Activities, Products and Services
   Form 2.3 -  Process Information - Operations Units
   Form 2.4 -  Buildings and Surroundings Information
   Form 2.5 -  EMS Aspects and Impacts
   Form 2.6 -  EMS Aspect and Impact Analysis for Significance
   Form 2.7 -  EMS Objectives and Targets

Chapter 3:  Operations and Activities of Significant Impact
   Form 3.1 -  EMS Operations and Activities Procedure Listing

Chapter 4:  Environmental Reporting and Recordkeeping
    Form 4.1 -   EMS Records and Recordkeeping

Chapter 5:  Environmental Training and Tracking
   Form 5.1 -   EMS Training and Tracking

Chapter 6:  Emergency Preparedness and Response
   Form 6.1 -   EMS Emergency Preparedness and Response

Chapter 7:  Internal Communication 
   Form 7.1 -   EMS Internal Communication

Chapter 8:  External Communication
   Form 8.1 -  EMS External Communication

Chapter 9:  Environmental Self-Audits and EMS Audits

Appendix A:  Elements of a C3 EMS
Appendix B:  Pollution Prevention
Appendix C:  Procedures for C3 Application
Appendix D:  C3 to ISO 14001
Appendix E:  Acronyms