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On Site Corrective Action

Corrective Action Implementation Plans and Reports

Attachment 19 of the Dow, Michigan Operations, hazardous waste facility operating license details Dow's on-site corrective action obligations.  For specific license provisions see Attachment 19 Text, Figures, and TablesAppendices A-EF1F2F3, and G-H.  Dow's on-site corrective action is being performed to ensure human exposure to hazardous waste constituents is prevented.  Past operations has resulted in 61 areas across the 1,900 acres subject to corrective action cleanup.  Forty two of those areas have been confirmed to not have any human exposure concerns.  An additional 19 areas remain in various stages of investigation and cleanup.  As provided in Attachment 19, Dow is implementing a plan to address site-wide dioxins and furans. They are also performing investigation and clean-up activities to address other contaminants, vapor Intrusion, soil and groundwater contamination concerns.  Annually, as required by the license, Dow submits a Corrective Action Implementation Report for the previous year and Work Plan for the next year. 

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