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Integrated Assessment Program

Helping People through Positive Environmental Change

The Pollution Prevention (P2) and Stewardship Unit provides a variety of on-site, direct assistance services to help businesses and communities meet their sustainability goals. Benefits include:

  • Increase efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Eliminate/minimize waste streams.
  • Conservation of energy and water resources.
  • Mitigate risks and the potential for noncompliance.

The P2 and Stewardship Unit will provide a free, confidential Integrated Assessment to help your company evaluate pollution prevention opportunities.

An Integrated Assessment is a chance to work collectively with our partners to identify and evaluate opportunities for improvement. The assessment process will challenge your company to optimize the use of resources, minimize non-production related losses, and increase efficiencies across the board. We are committed to providing the technical assistance that your company needs to tackle these challenges.

For more information, complete the Pre-Assessment Survey and/or contact Emily Freeman, at or 517-256-9466.


  • The assessment team will spend 2-4 hours visiting your facility at a date and time convenient to you.
  • An opening meeting will review background information, answer questions, and help identify areas of opportunity.
  • Facility tour to examine processes and operations.
  • Closing meeting to collect additional information and review initial suggestions to increase efficiencies, reduce waste, and save money.


  • Within 30-90 days, a draft report detailing ways to prevent pollution and improve compliance.
  • A final report focusing on those areas most important to your company.
  • Resources that go beyond the recommendations in the final report.
  • You are not obligated to complete any of the suggestions in the final report - it is yours to use at your convenience.


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Emily Freeman