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MBP3 Mission and Objectives

MBP3 Mission The mission of the Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership (MBP3) is to advance pollution prevention activities in the State of Michigan by encouraging businesses to initiate and expand their current Pollution Prevention (P2) practices. The aim is to provide support to each partner’s P2 efforts through personal assistance and resources, as well as recognize their individual efforts through public recognition.

MBP3 Objectives

  1. Assist and support partners in P2 efforts by any reasonable means - individual meetings, personal advice, extended resources, workshops, etc.

  2. Develop a strong and dynamic participant base, encouraging communication and networking between partners.

  3. Share MBP3 efforts through progress reporting and technology transfer among participants.

  4. Develop and distribute case studies with MBP3 partners.

  5. Research and provide partners with relevant pollution prevention and reduction resources.

  6. Actively display partners efforts through public recognition.

  7. Encourage members to continue advancing as an Environmental Stewardship Partner by participating in Clean Corporate Citizens and Environmental Leaders.


Devan Dodge