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Radiological Protection Notices and Guidelines

Form Number Title

EQC 1602

Guidelines for Cleanup and Disposal of Sites Contaminated with TENORM (EQC 1602)

EQC 1606

Emergency Action Guidelines for Response Personnel at Accidents Involving Radioactive Material

EQC 1621

Information for Educators Notice: Potential Safety Hazard

EQC 1627

Notice to Employees

EQC 1636

Detection and Handling of Radioactive Sources at Scrap Metal Facilities

EQP 1601

Radioactive Materials Temporary Job Site Notification

DOT-SP 10656

U.S. Department of Transportation DOT-SP 10656 exemption to allow shippers to be exempt from certain Department of Transportation requirements as long as authorized by state radiation control officials. The shipper should receive a copy of this 7 page form and a shipment approval to be filled out by the Michigan Radiological Protection Section. Contact 517-284-5185.