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TENORM Information

Technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) means naturally occurring radioactive material whose radionuclide concentrations have been increased as a result of human practices.

Michigan's Guidelines for Cleanup and Disposal of Sites Contaminated with TENORM, EQC-1602

Public Act 688 of 2018

Public Act 689 of 2018

Guidance for Implementation of New TENORM Laws

Michigan TENORM Disposal Advisory Panel White Paper
In 2014 the governor directed the Department to assemble a panel of experts to review Michigan’s standards for disposing TENORM and assess whether they were sufficiently protective of public health and the environment. 

Flow Line Abandonment TENORM White Paper
This white paper addresses the radiological hazards associated with both abandonment in place and removal of oil and gas flow lines with respect to TENORM.

US Geological Survey Fact Sheet: NORM in Produced Waters and Oil-Field Equipment

Pennsylvania TENORM Study