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Recycling During the Stay Home Stay Safe Executive Order

Governor Whitmer's Stay Home, Stay Safe Order - Executive Order 2020-42, which took effect on Thursday, April 9 - allows Michiganders to continue critical infrastructure work that is necessary to sustain or protect life. The Order includes as necessary work trash pickup and disposal (including recycling and composting). 

Waste and materials management activities play a vital role in protecting Michigan's environment and public health and also return needed raw materials to essential sectors. Activities that meet the Executive Order's definitions and thresholds may continue with precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 (use of personal protective equipment, social distancing, hand washing, and disinfecting surfaces and equipment). It remains up to individual businesses and municipalities to make decisions about the services they will continue, discontinue, or modify. 

If recycling services are altered, businesses should follow local guidelines. EGLE monitors questions related to E 2020-21 and EO 2020-42 sent to EGLE established a process for handling enforcement discretion due to COVID-19 as well. All requests for enforcement discretion should follow the procedures provided and be submitted to


Emily Freeman