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Image of 2 recycling line workers sorting through recyclables
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy


Link to the Recycling Raccoons web site

Recy Grants Available


Market Development and Market Development Grants
Matt Flechter
Market Development Recycling Specialist

Infrastructure Grants
Emily Freeman
Recycling Specialist

Technical Assistance / Education & Outreach
Tracy Purrenhage
Recycling Specialist

Jeff Krcmarik
Recycling Specialist


A thriving materials management system in Michigan is created through a network of successful local programs, effective education, innovative market development, public/private partnerships, and more. EGLE strives to make grant funding available annually to support projects that will contribute to Michigan's environment through enhanced materials management.

Education Resources

Education is an essential ingredient for a sustainable and thriving recycling system. We hope to provide meaningful information and resources to support education efforts across Michigan. Together, we can make more informed decisions about how to manage our discards, preserving our landfill space, improving our economy, and preserving natural resources.