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Scrap Tire Market Development Grants

Purpose: To issue grants for projects that will result in the development of increased markets for scrap tires.

Goals of the Program: To use available funding to promote and enhance increased markets for scrap tire material in order to ensure adequate markets exist in order to reduce the public health and environmental concerns associated with scrap tires.

Eligibility: The applicant's project must demonstrate new or increased uses of scrap tires in manufactured products, such as modified asphalt, molded or extruded rubber products, or aggregate replacement materials; or the project must be for the research and development of methods to increase the use of scrap tires.  The project must be located in Michigan, and the applicant must be registered to do business in Michigan.  Scrap tires must be purchased from a Michigan processor or other Michigan generator of scrap tires.  The applicant must not be in litigation with the state or any other public entity concerning compliance with the Part 169, Scrap Tires, or Part 115, Solid Waste Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994, PA 451, as amended. See grant application for full eligibility requirements. 

Criteria: Each application will be evaluated by a team of EGLE staff.  The following descriptions of the criteria to be used are brief and designed to provide a general explanation of the criteria that will be considered: the amount of Michigan scrap tires to be used; the cost per scrap tire for the project; project must be feasible, market oriented and demonstrate viable markets for the proposed product; research and development grant applicants must provide data or other documentation to show that the project is for new research that will expand the market for scrap tires in Michigan, and must demonstrate commitment to the project through a business plan and investment.  The applicant's overall compliance with Michigan environmental laws, rules, and regulations will be evaluated.  Priority will be given to projects as outlined in the grant application package.  See grant application for complete criteria.

Application Process:

  • Submission of a complete, current Scrap Tire Market Development Grant application package.
  • Applications are reviewed by a team of EGLE for eligibility.
  • Eligible applications are prioritized by the team and selected grants are approved by the EGLE Director.
  • Contracts are issued to the prioritized, eligible applicants, based on the amount of funds appropriated by the Legislature.

Nominating Procedures:

Grant applications are approved for funding by the EGLE Director based on eligibility and criteria in the grant application package.

Deadlines: Grant deadlines are announced for each grant cycle.  Applications are typically made available in the summer.

Timelines: The application review and funding process generally takes about four months.  All projects funded must commence prior to September 30 of the fiscal year in which they are awarded and must proceed in a continuous manner.  Typical projects must be completed within 18 months of the start date.

Dollar Amount(s) Available (Min or Max):  Funding is contingent upon Legislative appropriation and all other necessary approvals.

Required Match:  Grants are available for up to 50% of the cost of purchasing equipment, or for research and development costs.  The applicant must commit to at least 50% of the total project amount, in cash.  In-kind services are not allowed as part of the match but will be considered during the application evaluation process.  Grants are also available for the cost of purchasing scrap tires.  Reimbursement cannot exceed $89 per ton. 

Source(s) of Funds:  Scrap Tire Regulatory Fund

Authority:  Part 169, Scrap Tires, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended.

Responsible Division and Office Contact(s): Materials Management Division, Kirsten Clemens or 517-614-7431

Phase-out/Expansion/Changes for Next Year:  None

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Recent Awards/Example Project: Cobalt Holdings has been awarded funding for expansion and processing improvements, i.e., replacing a twenty-year-old shredder, adding a second shredder, installing a new rasper, and upgrading a cracker mill. 

Kent County Road Commission has been awarded funding for a project utilizing advanced surface-treated ground tire rubber-modified asphalt to be done in conjunction with Michigan Technological University.  The project will be paving Cascade Road from Burton Street to 28th Street (Cascade Township), equating to 0.5 miles with a width of 60 feet.  Half of the project will utilize polymer-modified asphalt emulsion to be compared with the half that will utilize emulsified rubber.  The project will use more than 3200 scrap tires.

Request for Proposals/Application: Will be available on the Scrap Tire website -


Kirsten Clemens