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Materials Management Engagement Grants

Current Solid Waste Management Plans are outdated, especially as the state shifts from a focus on disposal to managing materials for their highest and best use, also known as materials management.  This shift will be demonstrated through the development of a new planning process.  EGLE is encouraging counties to begin actively preparing for solid waste (materials management) plan updates through the Materials Management County Engagement (MMCE) Grant opportunity.

Single County = $10,000
Multi-County = $12,000 PER county*

The purpose of this grant is to help counties in the transition to materials management. These activities will help counties to create partnerships within regions and counties, understand current materials management deficiencies and opportunities, highlight future changes to the planning process, and outline steps that can occur now at the county/regional level to assist with the development of future materials management programs and infrastructure.


DEADLINE:  August 15, 2022

Final Deliverable Reports are due with EACH Grant that was executed. This due date is dependent on the agreed upon date between EGLE and the authorized signer.



*Multi-counties must notify of regional collaboration when completing the grant agreement.

NOTE: Funds will be granted to the county using the state accounting system (SIGMA).

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