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Upper Peninsula Geological Repository

The Upper Peninsula Geological Repository (UPGR) is located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula near the Sawyer International Airport in Gwinn, Michigan. The collection is enclosed within in a 44,000 square foot warehouse at the former K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base and holds drill core and cuttings with an emphasis on Northern Peninsula Geology. Drill core samples are obtained by using specialized drilling tools which allow for discrete intact samples to be brought back up to the surface for geologic evaluation. Drill cuttings samples are fragments of rock which are returned to the surface during the drilling process. The purpose of the UPGR collection is to act as a "rock library" and make the collected material available to researchers and industry for geologic study. Some aspects of this study, may include:

  • Mineral resource exploration and development
  • Addressing issues related to water quality
  • Contributing to research on climate change
  • Enhancing the ability to identify geological hazards
  • Supporting research of unconventional energy sources

About the UPGR

  • General Information