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Electronic Data Filing

Electronic Filing of Production Data

    Michigan has a process whereby operators can report oil and gas production electronically. This does not mean it can be put on an Excel spreadsheet and e-mailed to us.  It is uploaded to a server using a password. The format is very specific and the data is sent using comma separated values (.csv files), but after initial setup, it is easy and a number of companies are doing this.
    There is a trial period where both paper and electronic reports are filed for at least three months. The paper and e-files are compared, and if all goes well, the company will be approved and no longer be required to send in the corresponding paper reports. This replaces paper copies sent to the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) and also the Oil, Gas, & Minerals Division (OGMD).  Since two agencies are using the reports, you will need approval from each agency to stop sending the paper for that agency.
    For the OGMD, the e-filing can replace the form EQP 7101, Monthly Production Report.  It doesn't replace the CPF reports (EQP 7126 A and B). 
    The reporting process starts with the Public Service Commission, Engineering and Service Quality Division.  Call Cindy Creisher at 517-284-8232 to find out how to get started.

download the entire E-File System User's Manual (pdf - 1342 kb - revised 10/24/2005)

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is E-Filing?
A method to submit and exchange data between the MPSC, OGMD, and oil and gas well producers using Comma Separated Values (CSV) files, with files submitted in electronic form. 

    What are the deadlines for E-filing?
Production reports are due by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Savings Time, 45 days after the close of the production month.

    Are all companies expected to file their monthly production reports electronically?
Electronic filing is the preferred method, however oil and gas well producers can choose between paper reports or electronic filing.

    Will staff check the validity of the data that is submitted?
There will be both visual and computerized checking of all data that is received.

     Will the Production Staff reject erroneously filed reports?
Erroneously filed reports will be rejected.   Files will be rejected if they have no production data or if  upon visual inspection of the file it appears to contain data not related to production.  The filer will receive E-mail notification whenever their electronic filing is rejected.  When a production file is rejected it will be necessary for the producer to resubmit the entire production report.  Data problems that are discovered during the MPSC or OGMD computerized data checking will also need to be corrected.  However, in this case, it will not be necessary for the producer to prepare and submit the production file in its entirety.  Only the corrected records need to be resubmitted.

    In what format will electronic reports be accepted?
The only acceptable format is Comma Separated Values (CSV).

    What requirements must reports meet to ensure electronic acceptance?
The Document must be submitted in CSV format using the Michigan Oil and Gas Well Production E-file layout. This is described in the Michigan Oil and Gas Well Production E-file System User Manual.

    Is there a limit on the number of persons for each company, firm, etc. that will be authorized to submit files electronically?
It is preferable to have a single point of contact for each producer. However, we encourage every person who files electronic reports to have their own username and password.

    Can we change user information or a username?
Yes, accessing the login menu will allow you to change user information. To change a username you must contact the MPSC Gas Division and ask for a new user login. Please also note that if a username is no longer needed you need to inform the MPSC so that it can be taken off the E-file system.

    What is an ERMISWEB Automated Mailing List?
When a company or individual is registered for its user name and password it is automatically signed up for this feature. This will allow the MPSC to communicate with all users of the system. This email message may be friendly reminders, helpful hints, or new information regarding the system. This mailing list will not be used for anything other than those purposes specified above, and only as it relates to e-filing.

    Explain the MPSC staff acceptance and/or rejection process.
Staff will review each electronic submission to verify that certain specifics of the electronic filing match information provided on the user information.  If the report is accepted, staff will run the data through an Access database import routine which will check it for further data problems. After multiple checks, the data is posted to the MPSC's Access database, and the OGMD database.  If the report is determined to be incomplete or other problems are identified with the report, some or all of the report will be rejected and the filing party will be notified immediately of the problem so it can be corrected.

    What is the cost of CSV conversion software?
Special software is not required.  This is simply one of the ways to save files in database, word processing or spreadsheet programs. 

    How are prior period corrections reported electronically?
Prior period corrections can be included in the current month production data file. 

    Does signing and returning a Michigan Oil and Gas Well Production E-file Agreement require my company to report electronically?
No.  The company always has the choice to report electronically or to mail in a paper report.

    When can a Reporter begin efiling?
A Reporter can officially begin efiling, once they successfully complete 3 months worth of submitting test efiles.   The data on the test efiles will be compared to the production data reported on the paper reports.    At the end of three successful months, the Reporter will be separately approved for efiling from the MPSC and the OGMD.     After approvals are received from both agencies, paper production reports (EQP-7101 forms) are no longer necessary.

    Once a Reporter is approved for efiling, can they submit efiled revisions for months prior to their approval?
No, not without prior approval.