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Electronic Eforms Permit Application Submittals

Michigan Electronic Form Permit Application Submittal - Eforms

Contact: Permits and Bonding Unit 517-284-6826

The EGLE - Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division (OGMD) has recently implemented an electronic permit application submittal system called Eforms. The Eform system is the preferred method for submitting all Part 615 and 625 permit applications. The Eform system basically replaces and collects the same information from the original permit application cover page form (EQP 7200-1).

Some advantages to using this system include:

  • Timelier processing of permit applications.
  • Increased accuracy of data inputted.
  • The tracking of the status of activity for applicant’s submittal(s).
  • Allowing for applicants to rapidly edit, revise, and resubmit applications for review.

More information and specific instructions regarding electronic permit application submittals