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Geology in Michigan

Select from the links below to learn more about Geology in Michigan. 

For Geologic reference materials, please see the digital Geological Catalog, it is a listing of publications about Michigan geology (most of them are out-of-print) and other resources. The majority of the files are in Adobe PDF format.  If you download the catalog, you can access the linked files without having to come back to the web site.  Where possible, bookmarks are used to aid in navigating the digital files.  You can search the catalog to find items of possible interest in the catalog.  Links to the files follow their description.  

The catalog is a listing of references and resources for Students & Teachers and anyone else interested in better understanding Geology in Michigan.  This is a subset of the encyclopedic Digital Geology Library Catalog referenced above.  Learn about maps, minerals and mastodons just to name a few.  Most of the files are in Adobe PDF format.  If you download the file, you can access the linked files without having to come back to the web site.  Where possible, bookmarks are used to aid in navigating the digital files.  Word searching is possible in the catalog and most of the linked digital files.  

A subset of files about mining in Michigan is available at Mining in Michigan, this web catalog is a subset of the main catalog listed above. References and links have been selected for their association with mining. The main catalog might have items of interest that are not included here. 

For Interactive Geologic maps please see the link GeoWebFace Information and User Guide, this is a free set of tools that provides a wide array of geologic information for natural resource management, educational and general interests. Additional programs are not needed but can be added to suit individual needs.  It can be accessed by anyone, at anytime, anywhere the web is available.

The GeoWebFace is one of the largest publicly accessible record sets in Michigan.  To help make information easy to find the GIS tools work with a comprehensive database.  The intelligent links between maps, data and records make this application powerful yet easy to use.

When you access the GeoWebFace what you need to do next is not intuitively obvious.  Before you use the application, it is highly recommended that you review the link GeoWebFace Information and User Guide.  The application is at: GeoWebFace .  

 For information on geological mapping and applied research activities please see the Michigan Geological Survey. The Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division (OGMD) was previously named the Office of Geological Survey (OGS).  In addition to our regulatory duties, the OGS was responsible for geological mapping and applied research.  In October 2011, an act of the Legislature established a new Michigan Geological Survey as part of Western Michigan University and transferred the mapping and research responsibilities to the new organization.  The OGS was then renamed the Office of Oil, Gas, and Minerals (OOGM) and is now OGMD. As part of the transfer of geological mapping and applied research the Michigan Geological Survey at Western Michigan University will submit an annual report to the OGMD.  Please follow the Michigan Geological Survey link to see the Michigan Geological Survey Annual Reports.