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Oil and Gas Well Type and Status

Well Type and Status Codes

These are the type and status codes used in our database:

     Well Type 

Code Definition
BDW Brine Disposal Well
DH Dry Hole
GAS Natural Gas Well
GBD Gas Production and Brine Disposal
GC Gas Condensate Well
GIW Gas Injection Well
GS Gas Storage
GSO Gas Storage Observation Well
LHL Lost Hole
LOC Location
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage
MDW Part 625 Disposal Well
MNB Part 625 Natural Brine
MSM Part 625 Solution Mining
MSW Part 625 Storage Well
MTW Part 625 Test Well
NA Not Available
OBS Observation Well
OIL Oil Well
OTH Other Well
OTI Other Injection Well
WIW Water Injection Well

     Well Status

Code Definition
ACT Active
DC Drilling Completed
OW Orphan
PB Plugged Back
PLA Plugging Approved. Final completion of well plugging, submittal of records, site restoration, and release of conformance bond.
PLC Plugging Completed. Well is plugged to surface (except for directional re-drills), awaiting final review and approval of records and site restoration.
PR Producing
PT Pilot
PW Permitted Well
SI Shut_In
SUS Suspended Operations
TA Temporarily Abandoned
TP Terminated Permit
WC Well Completed