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Supervisor of Wells Instructions

The Supervisor of Wells Instructions can be found under each number listed.

  • 1-1994 Certification of Casing & Sealing of Surface Casing
  • 1-1997 Disposal of Produced Gas from Oil & Gas Field Operations
  • 1-2001 Nuisance Odor Standard for H2S at Wells and Facilities
  • 1-2002 Amended Removal or Abandonment of Flow Lines and Facility Piping
  • 1-2004 Conditions of Approval of Temporarily Abandoned Status for Oil and Gas Wells (AMENDED)
  • 1-2005 (Mineral Wells) Containment and Disposal of Drilling Mud and Cuttings from Test Wells  
  • 1-2006 Notification of Surface Owners of Spills and Releases
  • 1-2009 Identification of Company Personnel - Parts I & II Contingency Plan
  • 1-2011 High Volume Fracturing Well Completions - Rescind Memo
  • 1-2013 Water Well Construction and Abandonment Requirements
  • 1-2015 Oil and Gas Development in High Population Density Areas
  • 1-2023 Class II Injection Wells - Alternating Well Status and Cyclic Injection Wells
  • 10-2023 Class II Injection Wells - Injection of Gasses