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Uniform Spacing Plans

Requirements for Applying for a Uniform Spacing Plan Pursuant to Supervisor's Order (A) 14-9-94

Uniform Spacing Plans apply only to Antrim formation wells subject to Supervisor's Order (A) 14-9-94

Include the following elements when applying for a Uniform Spacing Plan (USP):

A form, EQP 7200-23, Application for Voluntary Pooled Spacing Unit: Antrim USP or Rule 303  

Exception, is available for use. Alternatively, applicants may submit the required data and documents in their own preferred format.

Information about the USP and its areal extent

1. Name of applicant. The operator of the USP is the only person eligible for permits to drill and operate an Antrim gas well within the USP.

2. Name of proposed USP.

3. Areal description of USP. A USP must be developed using contiguous (having a common side) ¼ ¼ sections of land. A USP cannot contain "islands" of unpooled land.

4. Identify the total acreage in the USP.

Information to demonstrate that the mineral interests within the proposed USP have been voluntarily pooled

5. List of all mineral owners within the USP boundary. Make note of any interest which requires a ratification of pooling.

6. A certified statement from a knowledgeable person that all mineral interests within the USP are leased and controlled by the applicant AND that those interests have been voluntarily pooled pursuant to the authority granted in the leases or by a lessor's ratification of the pooling.

7. Copy of Declaration of Pooling, which comprises or includes all of the USP area. This may be the Unit Agreement for a project area.

8.A copy of pooling ratifications (if required by a particular lease) 1

Technical data and development plans for the USP

9. Enclose a large-scale project map (e.g. 1"=1000'), drawn to scale, of the proposed USP. Identify all drilled, permitted, proposed wells, flow line routes, access roads, and primary processing facilities. Areas where access roads and flow lines cross surface water and regulated wetlands must be identified.

10. Include a separate listing of wells which are drilled, permitted, or have applications pending within the USP. Include the well name and permit number. Note that the bottom hole location of a well can be no less than 330' from the USP boundary. Also, the distance between bottom hole locations of wells can be no less than 1320' (except for lateral drain holes).

11. Identify what the development plans for the USP will be. Are wells beyond what are currently proposed likely to be drilled? Well density within the USP can be no less than 80 acres per one well. In a fully developed USP, the well density range will be between 80 and 160 acres per well. A change to the USP boundary requires written approval by the Office of Geological Survey.

Mail the application to:

Attn: Kevin Carey
Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division
P.O. Box 30256
Lansing, MI 48909-7756

If you have questions about USP applications please contact Kevin Carey at 989-370-1257.