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List of vessels reported as complying with the requirements of 1994 PA 451, Section 3103a of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act

This Ballast Water Reporting list is authorized by Section 3103 of the NREPA 1994 PA 451, as amended.  Any vessel owner and/or operator, and any persons who have contracts for transportation of cargo with an operator that is not on this list are not eligible for a new grant, loan, or award administered by EGLE. 

For oceangoing vessels: The following vessels have stated compliance with the Code of Best Management Practices for Ballast Water Management provided by the Shipping Federation of Canada.  

For non-oceangoing vessels: The following vessels have stated compliance with Voluntary Management Practices to Reduce the Transfer of Aquatic Nuisance Species within the Great Lakes by United States and Canadian Domestic Shipping, provided by the Lake Carrier's Association and the Canadian Shipowners' Association to EGLE.  

Searchable list of Vessels listed by Name 

Please contact the Water Resources Division at 517-284-5567 for vessel lists prior to those years provided above.