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Michigan Coastal Management Program 2024 Annual Grant Funding Opportunity


The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), Water Resources Division (WRD), is pleased to announce the Michigan Coastal Management Program (MCMP) 2024 Grant Funding Opportunity (GFO).  Established in 1978, the MCMP's strategic goals are to plan for growth and change in our coastal communities; protect, preserve, restore, enhance, and wisely develop coastal areas for use and enjoyment to improve quality of life; and build partnerships to create networks that strengthen and expand the collective impact of effective and efficient coastal management.

The MCMP will host two webinars covering application and funding requirements for the 2024 GFO.  The October 4, 2022, webinar is intended for all interested applicants and will cover general application requirements and funding preferences.  The October 6, 2022, webinar is for applicants seeking funding for grants proposing low-cost construction activities and will cover specific requirements such as permitting considerations, environmental compliance, historic properties review, project site plans, and construction operation methods.  Registration for the webinars may be accessed at the following websites: