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MiEnviro - Site Explorer, Link, and Guidance

MiWaters Site Map Explorer
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

MiEnviro - Site Explorer, Link, and Guidance

Links to MiEnviro Site Map Explorer

MiEnviro Site Map Explorer Data Disclaimer

  • Site Map Explorer provides public access to many documents associated with MiEnviro.  However, it is not intended to be a complete record for a site.  Some older records, such as violations prior to October 1, 2015, and draft documents are not accessible through Site Map Explorer.
  • Site Map Explorer uses MiEnviro data combined with data obtained from other agencies or organizations.
  • Site Map Explorer is not intended to be used to determine the specific locations and jurisdictional boundaries of wetland areas subject to regulation under Part 303, Wetlands Protection, or critical dune areas subject to regulation under Part 353, Sand Dunes Protection and Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended.
  • Only an on-site evaluation performed by the EGLE in accordance with Part 303 and/or Part 353 shall be used for jurisdictional determinations. A permit is required from the EGLE to conduct certain activities in wetlands regulated under Part 303 and critical dune areas under Part 353.

Using Site Map Explorer

The Site Map Explorer application contains a help section.  Click on the information icon and scroll down below the disclaimer.

MiWaters Site Explorer information icon

The following is intended to be an overview. 

When you first open Site Map Explorer, you see the entire state with many dots.  The dots indicate the number of clustered sites located in the vicinity of the center of the dot.  When the number of sites is less than 11, clicking a dot will expose a list of sites represented by the dot and a link to each.  Zooming in separates the clustered sites into individual sites.

MiWaters Site Explorer home page

There are several ways to narrow your results. 

1. You can enter keywords in the Search box.  Keywords such as boardwalk, seawall, fill, MSU, UM, Dow, etc. can narrow the results very quickly. 

2. You can zoom in.  Note that many of our older sites map to the center of Michigan's one square mile sections.  View more information about Michigan's sections.

MiWaters Site Explorer section results

3. You can use the filters.

MiWaters Site Explorer filter results

4. You can use Advanced Search.

MiWaters Site Explorer advanced search

Once you've found and selected the site of interest, you will see a site page.  Clicking on the "show more information" link will open a screen with three or four tabs.

  • Profile: Basic information is displayed about the site – the Environmental Interest, the address, and additional names/aliases or IDs (e.g., permit numbers) associated with the site.  A sample Profile page is shown below.

MiWaters Site Explorer site profile

  • Site Map: The Site Map tab shows all the features relating to the site.  White dots and shapes indicate related sites.  Additional details are provided when clicking any of these items.

MiWaters Site Explorer Site Map

  • Compliance: The Compliance tab lists inspections, violations, and enforcement actions related to the site.  The filters at the top of the panel can be used to refine the list of evaluations, related violations, and enforcement actions.  Currently, the page can be filtered by environmental program and the time frame in which the evaluations were recorded.  Clicking the arrow next to a record will provide more details including the type of evaluation, violation, or enforcement action and any related notes. Note: Violations assessed prior to August 17, 2015, are not displayed in Site Map Explorer.  This tab does not appear on all sites.

MiWaters Site Explorer Compliance

  • Documents: The Documents tab lists documents EGLE has published related to the site and links to each.  To download documents, select the checkbox next to the document and click the Download Selected button.

MiWaters Site Explorer Documents