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MiWaters - Training and Reference Material

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Upcoming Webinars

  • No MiWaters-related webinars are currently scheduled. 

Past Webinars

Intro to the New Digital Joint Permit Application (JPA) in MiWaters (recorded 3/5/19, 93 min)

  • This webinar introduces the new Joint Permit Application (JPA) as a fully electronic application in MiWaters, which covers activities involving: Wetlands, Floodplains, Marinas, Dams, Inland Lakes and Streams, Great Lakes Bottom Lands, Critical Dunes, and High Risk Erosion Areas. The webinar walks applicants through finding the application, answering the required questions, uploading required attachments, and checking on the status of an application.  The webinar is of interest to individuals that will need to apply for a permit related to activities covered under the EGLE/USACE "Joint Permit Application" (JPA), including activities pursuant to state and federal rules and regulations for construction activities where the land meets the water including wetlands, often referred to as the land/water interface. Environmental consultants, shoreline contractors, builders, drain commissioners, agricultural entities, forestry operations, utilities construction and maintenance, and other environmental professionals will also find this webinar of interest.

Electronically Submitting Part 41 Sewer Construction Permit Applications through the MiWaters system (recorded 10/15/18)

  • In this webinar staff provide a step by step explanation of how to submit a Part 41 Sewer Construction Permit Application electronically through the MiWaters system. The webinar covers the requirements for accessing the MiWaters system, how to find the Part 41 Sewer Construction Permit Application in MiWaters, how to fill out the application form electronically within MiWaters, and what is required to submit the permit application.
  • Who should attend: City and Township Staff, Engineers and Engineering Consultants, and anyone that handles Part 41 Permit Applications.

Electronically Submitting a Sanitary Sewer Overflow/Combined Sewer Overflow Discharge Report through the MiWaters system (recorded 10/24/18)

  • In this webinar staff demonstrate how to submit a sanitary sewer overflow or combined sewer overflow discharge report electronically through the MiWaters system.  The webinar covers the requirements for accessing the MiWaters system, how to fill out the report of discharge form electronically within MiWaters, and what is required to submit a discharge report.
  • Who should attend: Anyone who owns, maintains or operates a sanitary sewer system, their certified operators, and other interested parties.

Introduction to MiWaters for Facilities Covered Under a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit (recorded 11/18/15, 80 minutes)

  Introduction to MiWaters for Aquatic Nuisance Control Permitting (recorded 9/17/15, 61 min)


These tutorial videos have been produced to provide a demonstration of some of the MiWaters functionality.  However, MiWaters is a dynamic system that continues to evolve as we make improvements.  If you have questions, please use the Help function of MiWaters and, if that doesn’t answer your question adequately, the Contact button on the MiWaters screens can be used to determine the best EGLE staff to whom you can direct your question.

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