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NPS Grantee Training Workshops

If you would like to receive copies of any of these presentations, please contact Alyssa Riley at 517-512-9623, or via email at

2007 Watershed Planning Presentation Workshops

The Watershed Planning Process (8 MB) 

Watershed Plan Components, Part 1 (5 MB) 
Watershed Plan Components, Part 2 (7 MB) 

Options for Identifying and Quantifying Pollutant Loads (2 KB) 

Options for Estimating BMP Performance (Load Reductions) (4 MB) 

Evaluation of some CMI-approved Plans (2 MB) 

Key EPA Internet Tools for Watershed Management (6 MB) 

Resources (from EPA's Handbook of Watershed Planning) 

2006 NPS Grantee Workshop

Ordinance Development to Protect a Watershed
Elizabeth Riggs, Watershed Planner, Huron River Watershed Council

Ordinance Development Legal Issues
Kurt Brauer, Bodman LLP

Grayling Stormwater Project - Low Impact Development
Brad Jensen, Huron Pines RC&D
Allen Lowe, City of Grayling
Klaus Heinert, Gosling Czubak

Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs): Basics & Common Problems
Joe Rathbun, MDEQ

Assessing Stream Channel Stability for NPS Projects
Joe Rathbun, MDEQ

Source Water Protection Program
Deb Bailey, MDEQ
Ronda Page, MDEQ

2004 NPS Grantee Workshop

Nonpoint Source Program Accomplishments
Susan Erickson, MDEQ

Principles of Low Impact Development
Pat Sellenraad, Designscapes

Road Stream Crossing Inventories
Zak Peiffer, MDEQ
Greg Goudy, MDEQ

GIS Discussion Session
Dave Fongers, MDEQ

Monitoring 101: Bad Data are Worse than No Data!
Monitoring 101: References
Joe Rathbun, MDEQ

Macroinvertebrate Assessments
Jeff Cooper, MDEQ

Geomorphic Assessments
Chris Freiburger, MDNR

Hydrology Studies
Dave Fongers, MDEQ

Social Indicators for Program Assessment
Ruth Kline-Robach, MSU-Extension

Choosing & Implementing Environmental Indicators
Jenny Molloy, MDEQ

BMP Effectiveness & Estimating
Ralph Reznick, MDEQ

2001 NPS Grantee Workshops

Presentation from December 14th 2001 Michigan Association of Conservation Districts Workshop

Examples of Hydraulic Analysis for NPS Projects
Dave Fongers, MDEQ

Presentations from June 11th & 12th 2001 NPS Program Grantee Workshop

Assessing Your Watershed: The River Raisin GeoBook
Andrew Brenner, Space Imaging Regional Services

Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP)
John Suppnick, MDEQ

Project Longevity: How to Build Upon Your Successes
Cindy Heinbeck, Alpine Township

Hydrologic Analysis for NPS Projects
Dave Fongers, MDEQ

BMP Selection
Ralph Reznick, MDEQ

Show Your Successes: Photography Tips
Bill Taft, MDEQ

Working With Local Government Officials
Dean Solomon, MSU Kellogg Biological Station

Overview of Watershed Plan Development