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Curbside Recycling

  • Different communities have different rules because they have contracts with different vendors that offer different services. To find out what you can recycle, check out our Recycling Raccoons local rules, our recycling safety video, and contact your recycling provider. To learn more about the reasons behind the recycling rules, visit our Recycling Raccoons.

  • Recycling centers must sort and process the tons of materials that are hauled to them. That requires paying workers to separate recyclables by hand as well as investing in complex machinery that sorts by material composition and bales recyclables for use in new products.

    For their part, haulers have to pay for trucks and gas to collect recycling curbside, as well as pay a fee to the recycling center to cover the cost of preparing materials for recycling.

    Recycling facilities fund their operations with the hauler fees and money made from selling recycled materials to companies to make new products. Further, since prices paid for recyclable materials fluctuate constantly, hauler fees are necessary to ensure service costs are covered.