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Critical Dunes

  • You can check the maps available at or go to MiEnviro Site Map Explorer, type in your address and turn on the Map Layer for Critical Dune Area under the Coastal Tab. Critical Dune Areas will show up in red and extend to the water's edge. Contact EGLE if you have questions.

  • The Great Lake coastlines have extensive coastal dunes on Lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior. Some of the dunes have been designated as critical dune areas, approximately 74,000 acres along 265 miles of coastline. Critical dune areas represent a diverse cross-section of dune shapes, height, and vegetation along Lake Michigan's shoreline in the lower and upper peninsulas, and the shore of Lake Superior. The designated dunes include public lands and private properties where developmental, silvicultural, and recreational activities are regulated. A permit is required for those activities which significantly alter the physical characteristics or propose a contour change in a critical dune area. Learn more about critical dune areas at You can also check out EGLE's FAQ documents at the links below: