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Be Well Informed

Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Be Well Informed

Contact Information

For questions or concerns regarding your water quality, please contact your local health department (LHD).

For questions regarding water well construction, contact the EGLE staff member for your region from the from the Well Construction Program coverage map.

Understanding my laboratory results

Be Well Informed (BWI) is an online tool hosted by United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that allows you to enter your water quality lab results and obtain information regarding any contaminant concentrations that exceed Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) or federal standards or guidelines that exist for public drinking water. The tool also provides information about any potential health risks and recommended water treatment options.

Michigan Be Well Informed instructions

Access the BWI tool

A Be Well Informed Water Analysis Tool data entry form will open for entering your drinking water analysis results.

Fill in each result and double-check the unit of measurement to make sure it matches the units reported for your lab results.

Click the Submit button.

The Results from the Michigan EGLE Be Well Informed Guide will open. Scroll to review. You may create a PDF file copy of this report by clicking the Adobe Acrobat pdf icon directly below the report title.

There is also a State/Tribe Resources menu item at the top of the data entry page where you may obtain links to information relevant to private well owners.

Launch Be Well Informed