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Celebrate Environmental Health Week - March 18-22

March 19, 2019

Drill rig drilling a drinking water well.This is Environmental Health (EH) Week for the State of Michigan.  Recently, Governor Whitmer issued a proclamation recognizing March 18 - 22, 2019, as a week to highlight the portion of public health, which focuses on the relationships between people and their environment.

Environmental health professionals use their expertise and skills to ensure that environmental conditions are healthy for people where they live and work. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has both EH programs and staff, as do several other state departments.  In addition, Michigan's local health departments focus on environmental health.

DEQ program staff protect public health and the environment in a variety of ways as they ensure that:

  • Campgrounds are built and maintained in a safe and sanitary manner;
  • Public pools have necessary water treatment to prevent disease and are equipped with safety devices;
  • Drinking water wells are drilled by professionals using methods and materials to protect our groundwater aquifers and meet the needs of households on private wells;
  • Onsite wastewater systems are properly sited and designed, and homeowners are educated on system maintenance because, if not maintained, failing septic systems can contaminate groundwater and surface water; and
  • Small public water supplies, such as schools with their own water wells, have access to technical assistance to complete required water sampling and system maintenance.

Safeguarding Michigan's drinking water and environmental health are also among many ways that DEQ staff protect public health. To learn more about EH, or the programs described above, check out:


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