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Protecting you from asbestos at demolition sites

April 11, 2019

DEQ's Joe Goeddke doing an asbestos inspectinThe Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) regulates demolition activities throughout the state.?One of the real concerns in these activities is the asbestos that may be in the buildings being demolished.? Asbestos has been used in many products, such as insulation, floor tile, roofing materials, and siding.?? Although most of these products are no longer made using asbestos, there is still a risk of exposure to asbestos during renovations and demolitions. Our five asbestos inspectors received over 11,000 asbestos demolition/renovation notifications in 2018, and more come in daily.? In this video, Joe Goeddeke, an asbestos inspector in MDEQ’s Detroit office, talks about why it’s important to continue to be vigilant around demolition sites as well as the risks of asbestos exposure.?  

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