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First electric vehicle fast chargers part of Electrify America network operational in Michigan

July 2, 2019

Map of location of Electrify America's electric vehicle fast-chargers in Michigan.

Recently, Electrify America has rolled out several electric vehicle (EV) fast-chargers in Michigan. The organization is investing $2 billion over 10 years in electric vehicle infrastructure, education, and access. Funding for the network comes from the Volkswagen settlement. The goal is to spur adoption of EVs by offering an ultrafast and convenient charging network.

Direct current (DC) fast chargers are the most powerful charger type available. DC fast chargers currently supported by Electrify America include two kinds of connectors. All Electrify America charging stations have both kinds of connectors available.

To further increase the number of fast-chargers in Michigan, the Michigan Energy Office, now part of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, will also be making available nearly $10 million over the next three years for a public fast-charging network across the state. It will use results of a study it funded to help inform placement of the chargers. Plans call for a Request for Proposals to be issued later this year.

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