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EGLE participates in Asset Management Summits across state

July 16, 2019

Erin Kuhn of the Michigan Infrastructure Council leads a discussion on Infrastructure Assets in Michigan.

To continue to operate smoothly, infrastructure across the state needs attention and planning -- much like changing the oil and tires on a vehicle. Information and preemptive action allow for proper planning, timely maintenance and avoiding costly catastrophic fixes.

That's where asset management comes in.

Asset management is the coordinated effort of using real world data -- such as the location and condition of assets, customer expectations, consequences of a failure, and anticipated revenue and expenses -- to manage and maintain assets in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

The Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC), in cooperation with statewide regional planning agencies, held 20 Asset Management Summits across the state to educate and facilitate conversation and collaboration among private and public entities that own, operate, and maintain infrastructure in Michigan. EGLE has been an active participant in the summits.

By gathering transportation, drinking water, sewer, electric, gas, telecom, regional and local governments together with regulatory agencies, real conversations have begun on what works and what could be improved upon to better manage asset networks.

The information from the discussions will be used to find patterns and common issues throughout the state. That information will allow for the development of policies and good practices to help improve infrastructure in a data-driven manner.

Michigan is at the national forefront of statewide asset management approaches. EGLE continues to promote and support asset management at a local level through regulations, education and funding. The work being done through the MIC, the newly formed Water Asset Management Council and the Transportation Asset Management Council will continue the push toward improved, resilient and reliable infrastructure throughout Michigan.

To learn more about the Michigan Infrastructure Council or Water Asset Management Council visit its website.


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