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SepticSmart Week focuses on proper care and maintenance of septic systems

SepticSmart Week seal graphicThis week kicks off SepticSmart Week (September 16-20) in Michigan and across the nation. It's a week focused on educating homeowners and communities on the proper care and maintenance of their septic systems.

Michigan has over 1.3 million septic systems that treat wastewater from homes and businesses.

If septic systems are not operated, maintained, and regulated properly, they can become leaky, broken or outdated. They may introduce nitrogen, pharmaceutical compounds, household chemicals, and bacteria into local groundwater, rivers, or stream, putting local drinking water and recreational users at risk.

It's the job of wastewater professionals in Michigan to use their expertise in the design, installation, maintenance, and regulation of septic systems in Michigan. Residents and Michigan's environment benefit when it’s done right.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SepticSmart program is used by Michigan health officials to educate homeowners about the need for proper septic system use and routine maintenance. This checklist provides 10 ways to be a good septic system owner.


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