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Where does your water come from? EGLE experts explain in 2 quick videos

Screenshot from Private Household Wells video

Take a shower, water the lawn, or sip a cold glass of H2O -- turn on the faucet, and out comes the water. Amazing, right? But how does it get there?

In a world of self-driving cars and smart phones, it's easy to take simple things like running water for granted. Surprisingly, many of us don't know how water gets from the source to our tap. To provide Michiganders with a better understanding of our water systems, EGLE staff created two new MI EnviroMinute videos that explain water's journey to your tap. The first video focuses on the over one million households in our state that get water from a private well; the second focuses on residents whose tap water comes from one of Michigan's more than 1,400 community water supplies.

Got a minute? Each video explains the process in 60 seconds! Check them out below.

MI EnviroMinute -- Well Water 

MI EnviroMinute - Community Water Supply 

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